ACURACON HEALTH SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED is a privately held company and is one of the leading supplier of Healthcare Business Solutions in India and South Asia Region. ACURA continues to incorporate new ideas and modernization efforts whilst drawing simultaneously on the experience; industry knowledge and customer loyalty built over 15 years of working in healthcare sector.

With the strength of ACURA Team and experienced staff, we carry our daily operation consisting of sales and marketing, backup services related to hardware and software to Institutions. Our clients comprise of the healthcare Markets (Hospitals / Food / Pharma / Medical Device Manufacturers) who diligently invite our business of ongoing and upcoming projects taking place in India and South Asia Region. Our strength lies in understanding the needs of the customers and providing them with CUSTOMIZED solutions. We have been instrumental in setting up various workshops at companies and hospitals to disseminate information about the products. Additionally, we correspond with all our clients by providing prompt sales services at competitive prices bringing a good customer service.

Scope of Future Expansion
With its industry experience and established network and entrepreneurial foresight, ACURACON HEALTH SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED is well positioned to take advantage of the additional opportunities expected in growing healthcare sector in India to promote and market newly introduced and breakthrough technologies in the healthcare segment and this constitutes as an ongoing process. We are committed to render consistent quality and to provide our customers with on time delivery and exceptional results.